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We offer cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in our professional areas

SUDEC Research

WHY INVEST IN SUDEC Research? We offer cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in our professional areas

We offer adaptive, world-class, research in our professional areas. Our research activities range from project partnership to management; all executed scientifically by mix of research methodologies.

We provide the latest state of knowledge in our professional areas

We are professional in mixing methods of data collection and analysis

We are professional in providing both qualitative as well as (statistically) quantitative data analysis

We provide both conceptual, logical/abstract, and empirical evidences

We utilize the latest technologies during our research and innovation projects

We bridge different social and natural science disciplines; just for constructing new knowledge in our professional areas

We are professional in research communication through different channels

We are professional in finding applications of the research results

We are professional in commercializing the research results

Our publications For us, professionalism is a continuous endless journey. For us, knowledge is constructed beyond the borders of disciplines

Here, you can follow our peer-reviewed published articles as well as work-in-process manuscripts.

List of publications in 2017

Abbasi, M. (2017), Steering Supply Chains from Complex Systems Perspective [Primarily accepted for publication in Journal of Complex Systems]

Abbasi, M. (2017), Towards Socially Sustainable Supply Chains – Themes and Challenges, European Business Review, Vol. 29, No.3.

Abbasi, M. (2017), Developing sustainable supply chains – A complexity theory perspective, Studentlitteratur, Sweden. [Published in: Greening Logistics, 83-97]

List of publications in 2018

Abbasi, M. (2018), Analysis of challenges in developing sustainable supply chains – A case study approach [Work-in-process article]

Raeeyat, S. and Abbasi, M. (2018), Identification and prioritization of customers’ demands by using a combination method – KANO, ISM, DEMATEL – A Case Study of Rajai Customs in Bandar Abbas, Iran [Work-in-process article]

Abbasi, M. (2018), A system dynamics approach on sustainable lean supply chain processes [Work-in-process article]

List of publications in 2019

Raeeyat, S., Ahmadi cohanali, R. and Abbasi, M. (2017), A multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) approach to sustainable supply chains in petrochemical industry, Journal of Industrial Management Studies.

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