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List of publications in 2021-2022

Abbasi, M. and Varga, L. (2022), Steering Supply Chains from a Complex Systems Perspective, European Journal of Management Studies, DOI (10.1108/EJMS-04-2021-0030).

Raeeyat, S. and Abbasi, M. (2021), Developing Sustainable Supply Chain Systems in the Petrochemical Industry – A Mixed Qualitative and Quantitative Research Strategy. [Article in press]

List of publications in 2017-2020

Abbasi, M. (2017), Towards Socially Sustainable Supply Chains – Themes and Challenges, European Business Review, Vol.29, No.3, pp.261-303.

Abbasi, M. (2017), Developing sustainable supply chains – A complexity theory perspective, Studentlitteratur, Sweden. [Published in: Greening Logistics, pp.83-97]

Abbasi, M. (2018), Analysis of challenges in developing sustainable supply chains – A case study approach. [Work-in-process article]

Raeeyat, S. and Abbasi, M. (2018), Identification and prioritization of customers’ demands by using a combination method – KANO, ISM, DEMATEL – A Case Study of Rajai Customs in Bandar Abbas, Iran. [Work-in-process article]

Abbasi, M. (2018), A system dynamics approach on sustainable lean supply chain processes. [Work-in-process article]

Raeeyat, S., Ahmadi cohanali, R. and Abbasi, M. (2019), A multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) approach to sustainable supply chains in the petrochemical industry, Journal of Industrial Management Studies, Vol.15, No.51, pp.145-180.

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