Our mission

Our mission is to sustainably co-evolve a world-class 'Center for Complex Supply Chain Systems'.

Our common value

We do believe that development should naturally be sustainable development. We do respect and operationalize 'sustainable development goals' in transformation towards our mission.

Passionate for collaborating

Passionate for co-evolving

Passionate for innovating

Our executive team

Maisam Abbasi


Amin Ghasemi
Full stack developer


Our advisory team

Bengt Järrehult
Senior advisor


Historical launches

SUDEC was founded in Sweden

In 2017, SUDEC was founded in Sweden. What had motivated the founder at the time was to create opportunities for research-based…

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SUDEC System was launched

In 2018, after hundred hours of testing and validation, SUDEC System was launched on the net for the users (http://www.sudecnet.com/sudec-system/). This…

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SUDEC System got a new foundation

In 2022, a new foundation of SUDEC System was launched. We do believe that the new foundation is the most…

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